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  • Datum
    dinsdag 16 oktober 2018

    Tijdstip opname: 07:20
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  • Laatste afslag 19.00 uur
  • Baan sluiting 19.00 uur
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"Being young is a state of mind, it doesn't depend on one's body......"

After a subdued pre-competition training programme, due to the adverse weather conditions this year, Heren Senioren 1 were up and running on the first days of spring.....At Haarlemmermeersche Golf Club on Friday March 30th we were ready to defend our exalted status in Klasse 2 paganist Kennemer 3.

Our first shocks came when they announced that they were competing in the "Seniors" for the first time after years "playing 36 holes from the back tees" and in fact had played against our Heren 2 last season.We noticed their shining steel shafts and blades, a contrast to our Senior graphites. Their handicaps ranged between 5 and 10 and their ages 50 to 55.....welcome to the new Seniors Competition..... However, we put up a brave fight and went into lunch 2-4 down, and mildly confident for the afternoon. Unfortunately we finally went down 7-11, notwithstanding two tremendous singles victories for Frans and Rookie Ron. Every team member contributed a least one point one way or other. Next week we encounter Hilversum, whose handicaps are about the same as Kennemer.....but at least they looked a bit older.....

George Doughtie